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Course Module
Nr.1 Algebra A_Formulas and Inequations
Nr. 2 Analysis A_Linear and quadratic functions
B_Exponential and logarithmic functions
C_Power functions
F_Calculation of area and volume through integration
G_Differential geometry of curves
Nr. 3 Geometry A_Geometry Fundamentals
B_Angles in figures
C_Surface areas of two-dimensional objects
D_Geometrics_Objects & Coordinate Systems
Nr. 4 Stochastics A_Basic terms
C_Mean values
D_Variance and diagrams
Nr. 5 Mechanics A_Introduction to physics
D_Acceleration due to gravity
E_Kinematic_Compound movements
F_Dynamics_Newtons Axiome
G_Dynamik_Types of forces
Nr. 6 Energy and momentum A_Types of energy
B_Energy conservation
D_Power and efficiency
Nr. 6 Energy and momentum A_Types of energy
B_Energy conservation
D_Power and efficiency
Nr. 7 Rotation and Translation A_Rotation
B_Moment of inertia, momentum & centrifugal force
Nr. 8 Hydrostatic s A_Hydromechanics
B_Hydromechanics_Dynamics of gases
Nr. 9 Chemical bonds A_Chemical Fundamentals
B_Ionic bonds
C_Covalent bonds
D_Metallic bonds
E_Intermolecular forces
Nr. 10 Fuel cell A_Fuel cell
B_Fuel cell_chemical reaction_kathode
C_Fuel cell_chemical reaction_anode
D_Fuel cell types
E_Fuel cell technology
Nr. 11 Principles A_Basic electrical quantities
B_Ohm’s law
C_Kirchhoffs Circuit Laws
D_Temperature-dependent resistor
E_Conductor resistance
F_Semiconductor physics
Nr. 12 Drive technology A_Classification
A_Basics & structure
B_Three-phase transformer
C_Ideal Transformer
D_Realer Transformer
E_Power factor and efficiency
A_Operating principle & designs
D_ Operating behaviour
E_Quadrant operation
A_Rotating field
B1_Synchronous machine
B2_Synchronous machine Structure, characteristics & use
B3_Synchronous machine Operating modes
B4_Synchronous machine Motor operation
B5_Synchronous machine Startup
C1_Asynchronous machine
C2_Asynchronous machine Construction types
C3_Asynchronous machine Power flow & losses
C4_Asynchronous machine Torque & Equivalent circuit
C5_Asynchronous machine Startup
C6_Asynchronous machine Star-delta-startup connection
D_Frequency converter
Nr. 13 Manufactring engineering A_Quality management
B_Tasks of mechanical engineering
Nr. 14 Theory of design A_Force
D_Free body diagramm
E_Equilibrium conditions

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